Before any system automation project can commence, time needs to be taken to understand what problems have to be solved, how can that be achieved and at what cost. This is effectively the first phase of the process. An estimated Budget can be calculated once phase 1 has been established.
Although an ROI assessment is a very important part of the decision-making process, it is not the only consideration.
Two very important factors relate to Management Inertia and Risk, the two usually go hand in hand, our experienced consultants can assist prospective Clients in these areas too.


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Decision Making and Advice

“Effectively delaying the decision may sound like a sensible and prudent approach, but the reality is the decision is probably being cancelled or more likely pushed forward for the wrong reasons.
The perceived problems will still exist.
It can from an initial conversation about an RFID project to a fully operational system being implemented take up to 6 months, depending on the size of the project.
This needs to be taken into account when determining when to go ahead.

Automation through Industry 4:0 is increasing rapidly around the world. If a Company is slow to adopt new, more efficient practices are they going to be left behind by their competitors. History tells us that is most likely.”

SmartRFiD are very aware of the challenges organisations face when considering significant change. Our experienced staff are happy to advise and suggest the most optimal solutions for the Use Case in question.

As an example, to mitigate the risk factor, we do not proceed with any RFID System installation without a Proof of Concept, based on agreed deliverables with the prospective Client. If the POC works as expected the cost is deducted from the full system investment. If it does not then a full refund is given.

SmartRFiD is committed to providing free consultancy services and expert guidance for RFID automation.
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