Automated People Flow

No queues, no delays, no need for staff to interact with any reading device. Fully automated real time scanning for large groups entering at the same time. Invisible system for users. Compare actual numbers against expected, with any differences providing an instant alert. Link to HR and Payroll systems, fully automated.

Internal Security and Safety Features –

  • CCTV with Video Analytics using AI
  • Create internal geo fencing for security/ safety based on area and/or movement
  • Door Access Control
  • Passive UHF Reader Portal Zones to show last seen positions
  • Limited access rights for visitors
  • Real time attendance views by, Zone/Site/Multi Site
  • Alert/Notification of exceptions
  • Different User Level dashboards
  • Native Server install or Private Cloud Instance options.
  • UHF RFID can remove tailgating and lengthy mustering with real time entrance and egress recording.
  • Instantly know who has not left the building, and where they were last seen
  • Front desk or vulnerable staff can be issued with special panic button credentials when faced with a threat