Now with just one user-friendly software platform you can track and monitor inventory, assets, staff and patients.

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Patient Security

Infant protection and patient wandering prevention can be implemented in a reliable yet unobtrusive way. Staff can be protected with alarms, automated man-down signals and access control. Vital equipment will always be in the correct place, replacement cycles will be alerted, maintenance contracts will be scheduled, and loss and theft prevented.

Asset Management

Every year there are literally millions of Euro lost throughout the healthcare system because of wastage from expired medication, unnecessary inventory levels and increased labour and workload trying to locate and manage inventory and usually from frontline staff that are desperately needed elsewhere.
  • For the past 15 years ADA have been working with the HSE and healthcare sector delivering cutting edge technology and 24 hour response across a wide range of services; asset management, inventory control and the monitoring of personnel and patients

  • Smart RFID offer a range of fully integrated RFID Healthcare solutions – many of which are specifically designed for hospital environments.

  • Now with just one user-friendly software platform you can manage patient and staff care and safety, find essential equipment in an instant and eliminate costly wastage from out of date medication and inventory.

  • Contact us for a live demonstration on how our affordable solutions can help you to achieve greater efficiencies, a safer environment for your staff and patients and significant long-term savings

Resources Management

Smart RFiD integrated solutions work to support and efficiently manage the resources in the Medical & Healthcare industry, covering almost all the main security domains.


From the time an asset is purchased till its retired, we track all activity of that asset, including services and calibration performed, scheduling upcoming services and inventory consumed to service asset.

  • Tag it, Find it, Count it and Manage it all from a simple cloud-based platform

  • Real Time Visibility – Instantly know where your essential equipment is, and where it’s been

  • Eliminate loss and theft – you can even automatically lock exits if a valuable item is being taken from the building



  • Expiry dates monitored and managed leading to ZERO disposals – This was up to 30% in some facilities

  • Inventory levels reduced by up to 50% by allowing Smart RFID to automatically manage usage and re-order levels

  • Significant reductions in labour costs involved in inventory management and maintenance allowing staff to be redeployed in more essential areas.

  • Smart RFID can monitor your entire medical inventory (inc small high value items like stents) in real time so that you know exactly what you have, where it is, when it expires, when you need to order and it can even monitor the temp in your fridges so that you can protect perishables


  • Count and verify Trauma Bag contents in seconds

  • Mobile App to instantly verify gear checklist saving hours of manual counts each

  • Real time tool tracking, check in / out and personnel location

  • Generate custom reports in seconds


  • Fully integrated solutions using the same user friendly platform
  • Precise location allowing for rapid response where every second can be vital

  • Neat unobstrusive design including combined Pager / Alarm units and fully wirefree systems where cabling infrastructure is difficult

  • Staff safety is a major priority, now more than ever before with the almost weekly news of yet another assault on frontline workers. Smart RFID offer a solution for every situation from simple assistance alarms to high risk psychiatric applications.


  • Our tags are the smallest and lightest in the industry with a strong yet comfortable tamper proof strap

  • Simple 2 step enrollment and discharge with patient photograph allowing frontline staff spend more time with their patients

  • Automatic door lock with discreet sounder and staff alert at Nurse Station thereby avoiding upsetting patients and staff with loud nuisance alarms

  • Precise location and live movements of all patients (inc photograph) around the ward at the Nurse Station PC allowing comprehensive but discreet monitoring especially of high risk patients. The system can even play back the movements and activities of any patient over a past period of time.


  • Our tags are small, light and comfortable with the best infection control design in the industry.

  • Only tag available with Dual-Tamper alert making it impossible to remove them without setting off an alarm event but also eliminates nuisance alarms.

  • Only system on the market with umbilical tags and and Mother and Baby Match as options

  • Intuitive, easy to use software. Just apply the tag and the system automatically picks it up making enrolling and discharging an infant a simple two step process


  • Our RFID solutions can seamlessly integrate with your current access control  or we can create a totally new system customised to your requirements.

  • We offer hands-free authentication – once you are wearing your RFID staff badge all areas that you have access to will automatically unlock to allow access.

  • Integration with CCTV systems allow security personnel to view live images and review archived and event footage

We have verifiable, proven results from many prominent institutions that use the Smart RFID solution

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