Smart Door Entry

With today’s rising crime levels and increasing incidences of assaults on personnel, the need to control access to buildings and the work area has never been greater. From the smallest single door Stand-alone Access Control Systems to the most complex Multi-Door, Multi-Site Management Control Systems; SmartRFiD can provide your business with the complete cost effective solution. We offer a complete range of products from standard Pin Keypads to Proximity control to the highest security levels using Biometric access control, all connecting to our SmartLoc8 IIOT Platform


Control ingress and egress to your building with advanced features such as time & attendance, parking control, ID & Visitor management and event logging. Set up schedules for when certain doors are open/closed and limit access to different members of staff. Create a NO CONTACT, fully automated, People Flow Security and Safety System.

Words you would never hear spoken by an Access Control Salesperson.

“You arrive at the door, tap your card, enter a code or press your finger on the panel to open it. The door opens and you enter, but so do 3 other people standing behind you”
If the problem of tailgating is raised, solution offered is either a turnstile or barrier control, significantly increasing cost and not always practical.

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Features –

  • From a single door to multi site management control systems
  • Standard Pin Key pads to Biometric Control
  • Additional features incl. Staff Attendance
  • Access scheduling based on doors and timelines
  • Connection to RFID Systems to prevent tailgating
  • Connection to GDPR compliant People Counting