Smart Key Handling

The challenges for Key Holding Companies

Losing Client keys can result in having to replace locks, possibly damaging Client relations. Lengthy time lapses in identifying a Key is missing can also have serious consequences.
Recording the removing and returning of Keys from an office base is time consuming and prone to error.

Smart Key System – How it works

Guards collect “bunches” of keys at the start of a shift, and return them at the end
A bunch consists of a Master Key Ring and a number of smaller key rings (key sets). Each Master key ring can usually have from 1 to 20 key sets attached.
There is a plastic fob attached to each Master key ring and Key set, an RFID tag is inserted into the Fob. This gives a unique identity to all tagged key rings. All key sets are read within a few seconds
Key Sets are matched to a Master Key Ring in the Smart Key Software. Key Sets are defined by Customer and door location


  • Reduces the risk of losing keys and the expense of replacing locks
  • Saves significant time booking keys in and out of an office base
  • Reduces the chance of human error with full scanning automation
  • Shift Supervisors immediately informed of any missing keys
  • Detailed movement log history of every Key Set
  • Improves the Company’s Client Value Proposition