RFID mobile devices are capable of seamlessly integrating with iPads, mobile phones, and mobile computers

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Specialised Industry Applications

The staff at Smart RFiD can help you tailor your solution to accommodate the main concerns of your business. Below you can see RFiD solutions as they have been used in various industries. Contact us to schedule a consultation and be certain that you are maximising the potential of Smart RFiD technologies in your business.Timely alerts and informative reports will help you take proactive corrective actions and increase your profits.

Whatever industry sector you are in Smart RFiD integrated solutions will deliver significant cost savings to your business. A consultation with us will yield a bespoke solution specifically suiting your business needs
RFID is a proven enabler of profitability that’s growing more powerful every day. Microchip sensitivity is improving. Support services are maturing. Companion technologies, such as sensors, are being successfully integrated into chips. And smaller tags are opening the gate for multitudes of potential applications previously thought too small to accommodate an RFID tag
  • The solutions that we offer business are vast. Our technology is so versatile that we can deliver hardware and software solutions for your business whatever the sector. Whether you need control and instant visibility of equipment, people, inventory, access or a combination of these capabilities our solutions can offer a cost effective solution increasing efficiency.

  • Working with so many different industry sectors gives our staff the ability to spot potential efficiency savings for your business and we can customise hardware and software solutions to offer your business innovative solutions which will give you a very high return on investment. Our technology can help with asset management and inventory control and also the monitor staff and clients to know exactly where they are at any given moment, keeping them safe.

  • Our devices are proven in critical applications and versions are available for indoor, outdoor and even very challenging environments. Rising fuel costs and the requirement to constantly deliver a speedy service means that it is vital to track your assets and vehicles as closely as possible to improve performance and supply good customer satisfaction. We offer RFID tags and RFID software with cost saving applications for every business sector.


From the time an asset is purchased till its retired, we track all activity of that asset, including services and calibration performed, scheduling upcoming services and inventory consumed to service asset.

  • Supply chain visibility

  • Inventory Management, stock checking and computer assisted ordering

  • Real-time demand visibility

  • GPS Tracking

  • Access control and Personnel management

  • Asset management

  • Personnel Safety


  • Absence tracking

  • Recording of working hours

  • Inventory tracking

  • Disaster recovery

  • Asset tracking

  • Site access control

  • Recording service and maintenance records


  • Store inventory and instant Stock checking to eliminate out of stock situations

  • Omni-channel retail

  • Computer-assisted ordering and Rapid Replenishment

  • Merchandise planning and Price and promotion management

  • Supply chain visibility

  • Item-level search and find

  • Real-time demand visibility


  • Order picking and staging

  • Inventory, stock management and location

  • Sort operations

  • Transfers

  • Receiving

  • Distribution visibility

  • Replenishment

  • Staff Time and attendance


  • RFID has found many applications within the transportation industry, from trucking to airports, from rail to shipping.

  • Cold-Chain Quality Control: Reduce the risk to your temperature-sensitive products. Timely alerts and informative reports will help you take proactive corrective actions

  • Perishables: Whether it is pharma Good Distribution Practice (GDP), the shelf life of fruits and vegetables or meat safety, CartaSense provides a solution to ensure that all products are optimally stored and shipped across the entire supply chain.

  • Seamless Vehicle Tracking plus Automated Yard & Warehouse Management


  • The use of the technology into the future promises to revolutionise many agricultural operations.

  • Remote stand-alone tag sensors that monitor temperature and moisture levels in hay and silage making

  • Temperature and humidity monitoring of food products from production to supermarket even while in transit.

  • EU legislation will require mandatory RFID tagging of all 4 legged agricultural animals by 2021 revolutionising farm management and controls from everything to traceability to disease prevention and management.

RFID has been used for years in animal identification and tracking and also in the food chain for traceability control. The implementation of sensors in tags, makes it possible to monitor the cold chain of perishable food products and the development of new applications in fields like environmental monitoring, irrigation, specialty crops and farm machinery.