Smart Reception

First impressions count. How many times have you arrived at a fine modern looking business premises, to be confronted by a queue of people looking to write who they are into a visitor book. Worse still be running late for an important appointment, only to have to wait for a person in front of you to master a non user friendly touchscreen.
In the year 2020 it doesn’t need to be this way.
It is now possible to schedule visits so guests are expected and welcomed without having to physically do anything on arrival.
Not only can a standard Guest ID be ready for collection, but also an RFID locating card. This can automatically record a guests exit in an evacuation as an integral part of a highly efficient Mustering process.
In particular it says to Guests that you appreciate their visit and you are a Company that cares about their Security and Safety.

From two or three visits per day to hundreds, Smart Reception can add significant value to an Operations People Flow strategies

The Smart Reception module is part of a suite of features all operating from our ground breaking SmartLoc8 IIOT Platform.

Features –

  • Remove paper and print from the visitor/contractor process
  • Schedule all appointments from a Client visit page on their own web site
  • Reception knows exactly who is due in
  • Smartphone registration, no delays
  • RFID ID Badges issued, link to Access control to restrict access to certain zones
  • Electronic Contractor PTW and Risk Assessment, with online Video Induction