The words security, safety and personal care define Residential Homes highest priorities. In the same way , privacy, convenience and the comfort of both residents and staff are critical factors in maintaining a positive and healthy living environment for our loved ones and the dedicated people who take care of them.

Reducing restriction on Residents…

It is with these priorities in mind ADA Services have launched a ground breaking system designed to enable residents to come and go from their own rooms , without having to use a Key, or tap a Card or Fob against a Reader. It is now possible for Residents to open their own Room doors when approaching from any direction

Main Benefits

  • Adding to a sense of independence for Residents by reducing restrictions
  • Staff are not needed to assist Residents to open their door
  • Unique Identifier allowing access only to an assigned room
  • Staff Credentials enabling access to all rooms
  • No delays in door opening, no requirement for a Resident to interact with a proximity reading device
  • LAN Data security fully compliant with GDPR
  • Runs alongside existing Access Control systems

System Components

All in one PC with preloaded software

Choice of Antennae Position A or B

Adjustable , waterproof UHF Wristband