A subject everyone is rightly concerned about is climate change and if there is one thing most people agree on is that we have to do something, and we have to do it now.
With this in mind we believe this technology can be used to help, here are some examples:

Ways in which RFID technology is helping the environment

  • Reducing vehicle emissions

  • Conserving energy use in buildings

  • Improving waste disposal

  • Encouraging recycling

  • Reducing paper and ink consumption

  • Protecting the Sea Floor

  • Monitoring the health of wildlife

  • Protecting indigenous fauna

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Real world examples of how RFID is helping to fight climate change

  • Charles De Gaulle Airport – Queuing system for Taxis, call system using passive RFID, reduced Air pollution

  • Wal-Mart – RFID reduced unnecessary truck deliveries, wasted customer visits to store because out of stock

  • US Department of Energy – Radioactive waste disposal efficiently managed with an Active RFID System
  • IBM Japan – Prevent illegal dumping of medical waste, correct disposal systems using RFID Supply chain
  • Sweden – Domestic Household waste, all bins tagged with specialist RFID Tags, containing important data
  • Springbrook Park, Queensland – Deployment of a sensor network in endangered rainforest, data collection to stop erosion

  • Royal Palaces, London – Reduced energy usage by triggering lighting, heating, air conditioning by employee presence

  • City of London School for girls – RFID Temperature controlled heating system, room by room, so not wasting heat on empty rooms
  • Census of Marine Life – Tracking animals to better understand the effects of climate change, trying to save endangered species
  • Bonneville Power Administration, USA – Monitoring threatened wildlife, helping maintain a healthy eco system

SmartRFiD is committed to helping organisations reduce their carbon footprint. As part of our consultancy services, we advise on the optimum Green route to automate.
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